Praveen receives a salary and pays for all the bills and essentials, but then, at the end of the month, he is out of money. He still needs to buy more stuff, but Praveen had to wait for next month’s salary due to a lack of funds. Somewhere, we have all been in Praveen’s situation at least once in our lifetime. But we need not worry because we have FatakPay Personal loans. 

We have multiple sources through which we can opt for personal loans. One such source is Fatakpay, which is convenient because taking a loan from FatakPay is a fully digital, quicker, and transparent process.

So, in this blog, we will take you on a journey where you will see how conveniently you can apply for a loan through FatakPay.

Download FatakPay App:

Firstly, of course, you need to download the FatakPay app. If you still need to download it, then download it right now and then proceed. Click here to download.  

FatakPay Onboarding Process:

Whenever you meet someone new, you ensure you have all the required information about that person. 

Similarly, here as well, you need to log in to the FatakPay app so that you and I can get to know each other. FatakPay requires basic information, such as your mobile number, name, employment type, and whether you are salaried or self-employed.

After these details, you will enter the FatakPay Dashboard, where you will see a banner of FatakPayCredit; tap ‘Apply Now’ to apply for a loan.

Identity Proof:

To start with the FatakPay Credit application, firstly, you are required to enter your Date of birth and your PAN Card Number and upload Aadhar Details, either with a DigiLocker, a photo or Aadhar Mobile OTP verification; last but not least, add salary details.

This process is an important cause. With the help of these, we will be able to know your bank statement, which will assist us with providing you with the loan according to your eligibility.  


What if you knew every detail about a person but didn’t know how they looked? Sounds weird, right?

That’s why a person’s Selfie upload is essential. FatakPay requires you to upload your real-time selfie so that we can identify and match the person with the Aadhar details. 

It is really assuring when the uploaded selfie and customer details match the given Aadhar card. It helps to build trust between us and our customers.

Offer Proposed:

So, once you’re done with the onboarding process on the FatakPay App and submit all the necessary documents, we’ll review your application and see if you’re eligible for a credit limit. We have various eligibility criteria based on which we determine whether our customer is eligible for the loan.

Once you pass the eligibility criteria, you will be sanctioned with a credit limit; that is the offer we proposed to you; you have to ‘accept the offer’, and the loan will be almost in your hands.

Offer Acceptance:

Once you agree with the allocated credit, a few additional simple steps must be completed.

1st Step – Nominee selection, adding the name and other basic details of the person you are confident in. so that, in case you are not reachable, then we can connect to them.

2nd Step – Address details: The residential address of your nominee.

3rd Step – Add Bank details: You must add your Bank details, such as IFSC, Bank name, and Account number.

4th Step – Then last but not least, setting up Autopay (E-NACH)

What is E-Nach in FatakPay?

Whenever you take a loan, you always have those little worries in your head, ‘What if I forgot to pay in time?’ we all don’t want to make any late repayments as late repayment causes extra fees and affects Your CIBIL score. That’s why E-Nach, a.k.a auto repayment option, exists.

It is a way for you to make repayments without any worries. How? Well, you just need to activate the E-Nach, and as soon as you receive your salary, your repayment amount will be auto-debit from your bank account.

Now, you must be concerned, right? Will you deduct extra money from my account or different worries? But you don’t need to worry because FatakPay E-Nach will only remove the amount you must repay. 

So, if you have taken a loan of Rs.7000, only Rs. 7000 plus the convenience fee will be deducted from your account. 

You might see the different amounts on the screen. For example, your repayment amount is 7000, but you see Rs.15000 on the FatakPay screen. However, that 15,000 is just a fatakpay maximum E-nach limit, which will make it convenient for you in the near future. 

How? If you keep using FatakPay, FatakPay will increase your credit limit, so if you’re getting Rs.7,000 as a credit, it will rise to Rs.14,000. Then you need to re-activate the E-nach to allow FatakPay to deduct that amount, but since you already approved the Maximum E-nach Limit of 15,000, it is not required to activate again and again.


We hope you know how to apply for a loan from FatakPay quickly and without any worries. You need to follow the steps explained in the blog. Taking credit helps you improve your CIBIL Score, which will make you eligible for a large amount of credit in the future if you require it. If you know what CIBIL score is or how to improve it, then you should read our blog, ‘Credit Score: How to Improve it?

About FatakPay:

FatakPay offers universal access to virtual credit facilities. You may access it on your phone and use it for both online and offline daily requirements. With simple payback alternatives, the system offers a nearly fast, transparent, and secure way to transact.

Click Here to Download the FatakPay app or Visit Our website.

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