If by reading the title, you are thinking, ‘What is virtual credit?’ ‘Is it even useful?’ Don’t skip this blog Cause we have covered everything you need to know. Let’s start with an instance:

When in the morning you are leaving your house, you make sure that you keep all of your essential stuff. Like keys, mobile phone, handkerchief and your thick wallet stuffed with a lot of cards. Most of them must be the credit cards that you don’t even use a regular basis. And carrying them and keeping them safe is somewhat hectic, right?

But now, using credit cards is becoming more & more easy, how? of course, with virtual credit cards. Let this blog tell you how virtual credit cards are revolutionizing.

What are Virtual Credit Cards?

Sometimes, we purchase a 2 Rupees ball pen in an emergency, and we can easily discard it as soon as the work is done. Similarly, financial institutions design virtual credit cards as intangible or disposable credit cards – digital representations of credit cards created for one-time or limited-time use.

In recent years, Virtual Credit cards have revolutionized payment methods, becoming a game-changer in a world heavily dependent on technology.

They offer a range of benefits, including enhanced security and convenience, making them an increasingly popular choice for those looking to make safe and secure transactions.

One of the very conviente Virtual credit service is FatakPay, you can easily apply for credit from anywhere and can get it into 10 minutes.

How did Virtual Credit Cards emerge?

People like you and us need credit, and we’re prone to use credit cards, but while using money-related services, we need security. Hence, the rise of Virtual Credit cards was propelled by a growing need for secure online transactions. 

Virtual credit cards allow you to make transactions without exposing your sensitive financial information online. These cards help mask your physical card number with a temporary account number, which decreases the chance of your actual card information being compromised in a breach. 

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that virtual credit cards are not fraud-proof, and hackers could access a temporary card number that is still active and complete a transaction. Despite this, card issuers provide the same fraud protection to virtual cards as they do to physical ones, so you should be covered in case of any fraudulent activity.

Technologically driven innovation 

Anyone, be it you or us, things that make things easier for us is very much appreciated, that’s why introducing virtual credit cards with cutting-edge technologies is pivotal in reshaping the payments landscape. Their usage aligns with digital wallets in providing seamless and quick transactions across various platforms.

Now, like everything, there are some pros and cons of owning access to a Virtual credit card; let’s further discuss them:

PROS of Virtual Credit Card

Enhanced safety: Digital credit cards mask the physical card number by hiding it with a physical account number, making it more challenging for breaches.

Aside from that, the use of blockchains and further innovations have only made it safe to use digital credit cards. Users can also block their cards much more quickly in case of potential breaches.

Convenience: one of the primary reasons for creating such a tool was the convenience it provides the customers; why would someone need to carry their card around when they can make transactions using their phone?

Transactional limit: Just like physical credit cards, Digital credit cards also have a limit on transactions. Users can transact many times but only within this limit. The credit limit on these cards is similar to that of the primary card.

CONS of Virtual Credit Card

Long wait period: Generally, merchants face a lengthy wait for the sale to be processed and the payment to be deposited into their account, which is a significant disadvantage.

Confusion on the seller’s end: On the consumer end, when you buy tickets to get a movie or a travel, you are likely to show the credit card. If you have used an online card, the temporary number will not match the credit card number you carry. 

Inconvenience in recurring expenses: Recurring expenses become a hassle because your card number will probably have expired by the point of the next purchase period.


In today’s world, where people’s need for convenience is ever-growing and online payment interfaces have found a big market, credit providers are also pushing to digitalize their availing facilities further.

And the need for such facilities is on a rapid hike, bound to find consumers who are in dire need of these facilities in their daily lives. 

One of the best sources for availing credit online is FatakPay. It’s a quick and easy way to conduct online transactions, which provides safety for its customers and transparency in conducting such transactions.

About FatakPay:

FatakPay offers universal access to virtual credit facilities. You may access it on your phone and use it for both online and offline daily requirements. With the ability to have simple payback alternatives, the system offers a nearly fast & transparent, and secure way to transaction.

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