The ripple effects of the pandemic that struck two years ago are felt even today. Many countries across the world were thrown into complete pandemonium with the lockdowns coming into effect. There had started a movement at the beginning of the pandemic. It has been termed the “Great Resignation”. This movement afoot has only gained strength with time. The resignations have been exacerbated among people living in thick clusters mostly in developing countries like India. India has a population density of 464 people per square kilometer. When a population of such size is forced into a lockdown, there are bound to be changes in the mindset and behavior of people towards their workplace. The rate of attrition has been on a constant rise, not as a choice but sometimes as a compulsion to change from financially stressed environments to relatively friendlier ones.

Due to the distress amongst individuals caused by the disruption, companies have been grappling to deal with the rates of attrition and the productivity of the workplace. There is an increase in the number of individuals requesting an advance on their paychecks. This has led to companies having to deal with inconsistent cash flows. They have been unable to predict the expenditure and outgo of benefits to employees monthly. Companies that have been unable to meet the expectations of their employees, by providing additional financial benefits and advances have seen an extremely high rate of attrition and a drop in the rate of their productivity. It is extremely difficult to work with enthusiasm and commitment when an individual is faced with financial distress. To bridge this gap effectively, we at FatakPay have introduced our virtual credit facilities for all. 

The FatakPay application can be downloaded on an individual’s phone and the virtual credit facilities can be used and caters to one’s everyday needs in both online and offline format. The scan now pay later options to provide the credit necessary for individuals at any given point in time. The virtual credit facilities provides the access to funds to any individual irrespective of their credit score. Encouraging these payment options gives companies relief when having to deal with advance payments and salaries. Individuals can use the virtual credit facility options to gain access to quick and temporary loans to pay for their immediate expenses. This is beneficial to both the company as well as the individual working for it. A company may need not worry about the unforeseen expenses it has to make and the individual has the access to finances as and when necessary. 

This service helps lower the rate of attrition in companies. It can also help individuals and companies to increase their productivity in a relatively stress-free environment. This helps build better relationships between employers and employees and ensures a healthy working environment within the organization.


An entrepreneur at heart and a financial expert by training, FatakPay is the third company that Abhishek has cofounded over the years. Abhishek is a sought after expert in the Financial domain and has landed coverage in broadcast and digital outlets around the country, including the Economic Times, Radio City, Business Standard, The New Indian Standard, DNA India, Money Control, The Week, Financial Express, YourStory and Inc42 to name a few. Abhishek holds a CFA and an MBA from Erasmus University, a BE in Computer Science.

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